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A Centennial History - Chapter 7

Interviews and Selections from Church Bulletin

   The following information was taken from visits with Father Ruff, Maytas and Schieber in 2003.

    Ken Riley (Digger) passed away on August 10, 2003. When Father Ruff came, there was a snake pit where they had piled some of the old concrete sidewalk that was no longer used.  Also, the pipe from the septic tank was close by.  Ken Riley helped to get rid of the snakes by putting dirt over the pile of old concrete. Also, when it rained, water would run in the windows into the basement of the school.  He put the swela in front of the school.  This took the water away from the building and took care of the problem.

    Anton Wigger was the architect for the new church.  All materials came from the area.  Why did they take an interest?  Give credit to the people of the area.  They were great people--very demanding.  St. Clair was eight miles to the south.  You could go eight miles to Gildehaus.  Archbishop at the time was Archbishop Glennon.

   Father Ruff was asked, "What was the best day that you had?"  His reply was that he could no think of the best day he had, but the worst were the first two days he was at St. Mary's.  "It was very hot and there was no air conditioning.  Four parents came the first night with two kids and they wanted to get married.  After talking with them I said I could no marry them.  The second night the same thing happened.  I told them I was sorry that I could not marry them.  They were very angry.  Both marriages ended in divorce.  The kids came back and thanked me for not marrying them."

    On his second night at St. Mary's, at two a.m., he felt bad.  He couldn't stand it.  Will Hailey had a pick up truck.  He came and took him to the hospital in Washington.  Two people he had previously known always said not to use two certain doctors.  They would kill you.  He got one of those doctors.  After sitting in the basement room at the hospital for two hours doing nothing, things could only go up from there.

    Father Ruff spent eight years at St. Mary's.  Archbishop May came out to visit with directions to prepare the Reconciliation Room for face-to-face contact.  Father Ruff told him that took money.  One side of the room had more room than the other, so "I took out the slats and cleaned it out.  I put in a curtain and a chair to I could talk to them.  He was well pleased."  Mrs. Toben reported the chair is still there.

   Father Ruff was ordained on December 21, 1946.  On the 26th of December he received his letter of appointment to Mr. Carmel.  He took his clothing there on a Saturday to Father Galvin's office.  He was going to go back home and get some more stuff and he asked Father when he wanted him to come.  He said, "Confession starts in 1/2 hour."  Father Galvin had an assistant, Father Heil.  Father Galvin was a master speaker and a great master of English.  I could not put foot in school or the convent.  I did nothing except I had first mass every day, confession on Saturday and early mass on Sunday.  NO SERMONS.  The assistant Heil was German and Galvin was Irish.  One Sunday, with Chalice in hand as he was walking to the altar from the sacristy, he stopped and said, "You give the sermon today." "I was in a fog".  From that day on, I was prepared.

    Father Francis Maytas came to St. Mary's in 1986.  He came from Old Monroe, where Father Ruff went.  They changed places.  Father Maytas was asked, "What was the best day you had at St. Mary's?"  "The day I got there, he answered. " I had a school at Old Monroe.  Now I had no school to worry about."  Father Maytas's home church was Mr. Carmel.

    Father Maytas was Father Galvin's helper in the seventh and eighth grade.  He said he was rough, but had a heart of gold. He was a disciplinarian, but Father Maytas got along fine with him.  He encouraged Father.  His sister was his housekeeper and was easy going.  Father Maytas was ordained in 1942.  He has fond memories of St. Mary's -- "all of it, everyone was very agreeable."  While he was there a new addition to the hall was build and the upstairs was remodeled.

   In a sit-down interview in August 2003, Father Schieber discussed some of the things he was proud of have been part of and participated in for his twelve year tenure.  Religious classes for new or returning Catholics were held twice a year, for a total of 24 opportunities for classes.  In 23 of these classes there were attendees from a  low of one at a class to a high of on class with 22 participants.  During the time Father Schieber was at St. Mary's he mapped every grave in the cemetery and made new map boards, personally marked off each new grave.  Each January he would tae part in the "Pro-life March" in Washington D. C. along with the members of St. Mary's Parish.

    Father Schieber was asked, "What was the best days you had at St. Mary's?"  His reply was, "Celebrating his 50th anniversary of being a priest having been ordained on June 7, 1949 and celebrating his first mass after open heart surgery.  He could still reach "The Word of God."

   At the end of June 2002, Father Schieber retired as the pastor of St. Mary's.  Archbishop Rigalli consolidated St. Bridge's at Pacific, St. James at Catawissa and St. Mary's.   Father Richard Coerver who was pastor at St. Bridget's was appointed pastor and Father Marin Mannion, who had been on assignment in Arizona, returned to the St. Louis archdiocese and was appointed to serve as assistant.  One of the more noticeable changes was in the weekend mass schedule.  previously with three priests for three churches.  St. Mary's was able to have a 5 P.M. mass on Saturday and both 8 AM and 10 A.M. mass on Sundays.  The new schedule resulted in one Saturday afternoon mass and a 10 AM mass on Sunday.

   In January 2003, Father Mannion requested a transfer to St. Louis to be closer to treatment on account of his healthy conditions.  Each week a visiting priest borrowed from somewhere in the diocese covered his mass schedule.

  At the end of June 2003, Father Coerver was transferred to Krakow, Mo. and Father Mark Bozada was assigned to St. Mary's and St. James with a new mass schedule again taking place.  Sunday mass was changed from 10AM to 8 AM and mass on the second and fourth Saturday of each month to be at PM.

   On Sunday, August 31, 2003 at the 8:00 am Mass, Bishop Hermann installed Father Mark as the new pastor.  On the same day at St. James' 10:00 am Mass the Bishop also presided over Fr. Mark's installation at that parish.

    Early in the history of St. Mary's, we read how the altar came from Holy Cross Church in Baden in North St. Louis and how Father Anton Wigger left St. Mary's in 1925 and became the pastor of Holy Cross until his death in 1940.

    In a small way, Holy Cross and Mount Carmel both in Baden were to have still more influence on our church. Msgr. Martin Hellreigel succeeded Father Wigger as pastor at Holy Cross in 1940 and served in that capacity for almost 40 years.  Father Ruff served as an assistant at Holy Cross in the 1960's.  Msgr. Hellreigel, who was known as a great liturgist, also wrote the hymn, "Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King", No. 287 in our song-book and missal.  Msgr. Hellreigel was born in German and came to this country at an early age with intentions of working as a priest among the Indian tribes of the western United States.  It never happened.

   Approximately one mile away from Mt. Carmel.  Father Galvin was from Ireland and could best be described as hard-nosed.  In interviewing Fathers Ruff, Maytas and Schieber, it was found out that they all had a connection to Father Galvin.  Father Maytas attended grade school at Mt. Carmel and served mass for Father Galvin.  Both Fathers Ruff and Schieber served their first duties as assistants under the direction of the "stern handed pastor".  Carolyn Hanneken, of our parish attended Mt. Carmel as a child and remembers Father Galvin as a strict taskmaster.  His sermons had a fiery ring.

     The Appurtenances of St. Mary
(Bul 18 Dec. 1977)

Main Altar --  donated by Holy Cross, St. Louis through the brother of first pastor Reverend Peter Wigger, build about 1860. On the right side of Our Lord Jesus Crucified - is St. John the Beloved Apostle.  He was approximately 17 years of age at his calling by Jesus; 20 years at the crucifixion; the only apostle who did not flee; special privileges given to him by Jesus, the greatest was at that moment, when Jesus gives His mother to John to keep after his death.  On the left side is Mary His Mother, Queen of the Martyrs, predicted to her by Simeon at birth.  Next to the crucifix on our left side (from the pews) St. Agnes.  She holds a palm; a sign of victory in her hand.  The name means pure in Greek.  A beautiful teenager beheaded about 258 a.d. because she refused to deny being a Christian.  Tried to force her to marry; then sent to a house of prostitution; then death.  Burial in Rome.

The Appurtenances of St. Mary
(Bul. 25 Dec. 1977)
(Decorations, etc.)

On our right side of crucifix and Mary -- St. Aloysius Gonzaga son of a princely family; father wanted him to be a military hero.  At an early age 7 to 9 years felt a strong inclination to God; traveled extensively in court circles, turning from the filthy moral lives about him; learning about the lives of the saints and experiences of the Jesuit missionaries; fought his father for four years as a teenager to join the Society of Jesus in Spain.  Renounced his "right of succession." While taking his studies in Rom, a plaque broke out in 1591.  He nursed the patients; caught the disease; foretold time of his death.  He had a great love for the Blessed Sacrament (Body of Christ); died on the feast day at age 23 years; in 1591.

Lower Center of Altar piece (Reredos) is the most important ornamental - safe called the Tabernacle, which contains the Blessed Sacrament.  Above this is a picture of Our Lady of Perpetual Help - a German version, in contrast to the Greek form depicted in the window behind the altar.  Two angels (statues) adore beside the tabernacle.

Windows- North (right) Our Lady of Perpetual Help -- at bottom "our Lady of Perpetual Help, our patroness, our advocate."  South - The Sacred Heart of Jesus at bottom the words, "Sweet Heart of Jesus, be my love."  South, above sanctuary door  -- no picture -- at bottom the words " Sodalities of young and married ladies."  North -- above door -- same-- the words "Sodalities of young and married Men."  BIG windows each opposite complements the other, i.e. North to South.

The Appurtenances of St. Mary
(Decorations etc)
(Bul. 1 Jan. 1978)

  North -- Top shows the pelican-bird feeding her chicks with her own blood.  A symbol of our Lord wounding Himself to feed us his children.  Grapes are shown also; at the bottom the words, "Eltern der Maria Finder" (Parents of Maria).  South - Top depicts a wounded, yet glorious Lamb, with banner of Red Cross (meaning that Jesus is the Lamb-ever glorious).  #1 window on South donated by Charles Frick family from Kirkwood.  #2 window on North donated by Henry and Anna Lindemann.  Picture on top is a heart with a sword; plus a crown.  This is the symbol of the Blessed Virgin's life foretold to her in the temple; when she presented Him to Simeon the prophet, 40 days after Jesus' birth.  #2 South on top is simply "M" meaning Mary --Mother. Both opposite windows say a lot. Our Mother Mary gained her crown through the death of her Son; a sword through her heart; a pain worse than death.  At bottom #2 South -- "Mathias and Mary Vondera".  #3 South -- picture of a towel with Jesus' face' a crown of thorns on His head -- called Veronica's Veil.  At bottom -- "Jacob and Franciska Gaasch".  #3 North -- top -- A cross and scales, plus heart in middle of heart. Because of Jesus' death, caused by a broken heart amidst his sorrows -- the thorns.  He balanced the scales of justice unbalanced previously by sin.  The cross bar of scales in a very ancient symbol to remind us of the Real Cross of Jesus.  This window again mirrors the South Window -- Jesus' Passion and Way of the Cross.

The Appurtenances of St. Mary
(Bul. 8 Jan. 1978)

#4 Window North -- top -- A 7-branch candle stick; (called menorah) flanked by the Law, that is one stone table with the first three commandments dealing with God; and one stone tablet with the second group of commandments dealing with man to man.  Also, a trumpet is on each side of the candlestick.  At bottom  "Henry and Frances Hanneken".  This represents the Old Covenant.  The ten commandments announced by horns and the candlestick, part of the liturgy of the old testament; with authority from God.  #4 South -- top picture of pope's crown, called Tiara.  Bottom -"Johan and Wilhelmina Otten".  N.B.  This south window complements north window.  With authority from God this represents the new order.  The pope's had has three layers signifying the power to teach -- to rule -- to sanctify; all in a shape of a beehive.  One of the pope's titles is "Keeper of the Bees"; we are the bees; supposedly busy building the honey comb in the house of the Lord.  #5 window North --top picture of a dove, bottom "baptize them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost" - Matthew XXV - III - 19.  This represents the scene of Jesus' baptism, the descent of the Holy Sprit and also of the Command of Jesus, just before His Ascension, because all authority and power is His.  #5 South - Top -- picture of the sun and 2 keys crossed.  Bottom -- "Whose sins you shall forgive -- they are forgiven." John XX 23.  Again this window complements the #5 North window.  It was His mission on earth, sent by the Father, to forgive sins.  With authority, Jesus commissions his apostles and their successors with Holy Orders; power to forgive sins for all men, all times, all ages.


  The bulletin of December 27 thanked Theresa Schmitz who had donated the new figurines for the crib.  It was noted that they were even more beautiful than expected and had been prepared by Gary and Eileen Farries of the parish. (Bul. 27 Dec. 81)


   The new lecterns (pulpits) that were installed came from Immaculate Conception Church in Old Monroe, Mo. where Father Robert Kraus was formerly the Pastor. When I.C. was revamped Father Kraus offered them to St. Mary's and Don & Mary Unnerstall delivered them, cleaned them, and installed them. (Bul.3 Jan.82)

   Help wanted: We have eight and one-half quilts to finish this year. There are two quilt frames at school and plenty of room for you. (Bul.10 Jan. 82)

   Church Sign "The Lord loveth a cheerful giver, but he also accepteth from a mean old grouch". $29,812.93 collected in 1981 envelopes. (Bul.21 Feb. 82)

   Fish Fry March 5, 1982 sponsored by School committee 5:00pm to 8:00pm. $3.00 (Bul.21 Feb.82)

   We will welcome the first communion class at the 10a.m. mass on April 18. Members of the class are Kevin Ulrich, Jill Nichols, Tom Merseal, Tim Henson and Sean Cunningham. (Bul. 4 April 82)

   Bible School June 7th to June 18th conducted by The Sisters of St. Francis, SGM of Alton, IL. (Bul. 11 April 82)

   All servers - if you wish to go to a baseball game on June 23rd, Mr. John Knight has offered to take you with some other volunteers. 
For the first time in our parish we are happy to announce the ordination of Mr. Robert Knight to the Order of (Deacon) Diaconate on the Feast of the Ascension of this past week. Congrats tot he family of Mr. & Mrs. John Knight. (Bul.23 May 82)

    Next Sunday welcome Father Wilmot of the Mill Hill Fathers, who will be here to explain his St. Joseph's Society for Foreign Missions. A second collection will be taken. (Bul.4 July 82)

   Thanks to Len Unnerstall. We finally improved the cemetery slope for future grass cutting and filling of holes. (Bul.30 May 82)

   In preparation for the picnic this is to remind the ladies to pick up "stewing hens" at the rectory after masses. (Bul.5 June 82)

   More good news - Anthony & Katheryn Hanneken of St. Gabriel's Parish in St. Louis remembered their "roots" in their will. The family presented a check for $7,000.00 last Thursday. It was suggested we air condition the church. (Bul.22 Aug 82)

   Re: page 50 - Heavy equipment and labor for the grading donated by Len Unnerstall and Earl Hagedorn. The straw by Cornelius Eagan and the labor of seeding by Ken Riley, Don Hagedorn, Ruth, Rod & Ryan Toben. Everybody was glad to work on the entrance, but not to stay permanently. (Bul.4 Nov.82)

   The big news of this past week has been and still is the floods of Bourbeuse and Meramec Rivers. May God grant all afflicted to be restored to their homes very soon. (Bul.12 Dec.82)

   Pray for Andrew Kaveney who was drowned. God have mercy on him. (Bul.19. Dec. 82)


   Hello -Goodbye - The New Altar Society Officers for two years will be Loyola Vondera, President and Verna Vondera as Vice-President. To  Marie Schroeder and Mary Gremczynski, thanks and a job well done. (Bul.9 Jan. 83)

   The first dance at St. Mary's hall in 1983 was held on Saturday, January 15th. Music was provided by "Yesterday's Gold" from 8:30pm with admission of $4.00.

    Mr. Charles Know died this past week. In your charity, please pray for his soul. (Bul. 15 May 83)

    Dedication of the new St. Francis Borgia Regional High School at Washington at 2:00pm on Sunday, January 23rd, 1983 by Archbishop John L. May.

   Second dance on February 12, 1983 with music provided by "East Street".

   February, 1983 Father Mark Ebert of I.C. Union was appointed to be priest coordinator of Pro-Life for the Deanery. This resulted in increased activity for Pro-Life for the Deanery.

   First Communion Class of 1983, Brent Batcheller, John Eckelkamp, Ronnie Hake, Travis Overschmidt and Jeff Ulrich. (Bul.10 April 83)

   On May 21 this week, Father Robert Knight of our parish will be ordained at 9:00 am in the new St. Louis Cathedral. (Bul.15 May 83)

   Thanks to John Knight for his preparation and responsibility of conducting the server picnic last Sunday at Rainbow Lake. (Bul.17 July 83)

   Next Sunday, August 21st, we welcome Father Frank Carr of the Columbian Fathers for our annual "Mission Co-op Plan" collection. (Bul.14, Aug.83)

   A quilt for the pastor is gratefully acknowledged. It is beautiful. Thanks to all who contributed their labor. Quite a surprise. (Bul.23 Oct. 83)

   Last Sunday's collection: Envelopes $719.00  Loose $38.45 (Bul.13 Nov.83)

   Welcome to the newly registered family. Larry and Sandra Schroeder and children at Highway AT. (Bul.27 Nov.83)

   Our St. Vincent DePaul Society of our parish formed last Sunday has elected John Knight as President, Ken Riley as Vice-President, Bernice Haley as Secretary and Theresa Schmitz as Treasurer. (Bul.4 Dec.83)


   Father Stand, a member of the Servite Order, will speak at the masses this weekend in behalf of their missions in Zululand in South Africa. A second collection will be taken up. (Bul 16, July 89)

   Four new families were welcomed to the parish - Williams, Ringkamp, Serbus and Green. (Bul.8 Oct.89)

   Picnic Report: Gross $20,189.34, Expenses $8,029.25, Net $12,160.00 (Bul.22 Oct.89)


   Our parish school board is sponsoring an all you can eat breakfast Sunday Feb. 18 from 8 am till 12 noon.  Adults $3.50 Children $2.00 under 6 free. (Bul.18 Feb. 90)

   New Pastor! Just in case you did not read the St. Louis Review as yet, St. Mary's is going to have a new pastor. He is the Rev. Lawrence Schieber, formerly pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Eureka. He is a good priest and I am sure you will like him. I have been assigned as Senior Priest in Service to St. Clare of Assisi Parish in Ellisville. (Bul.3 June 90)

   The Franciscan Sisters will teach our summer Bible School beginning Monday, June 18 (Bul.3 June 90)

   A farewell and welcome dinner will be held in the hall on our picnic grounds Sunday afternoon at 4 pm (Bul.24 June 90)

   One A Year Missionary next weekend. Our parish will have Fr. James P. Graham come to our parish to speak at all the masses for The Vincentian Mission cause. Envelopes are in the pews. (Bul.15 July 90)

Financial Report July 1, 1988 - June 30, 1989
Receipts    $48,418.00
Expenditures $53,568.00
Deficit          $-5,150.00
Picnic Report
Report       $22,204.75
Expenses   $12,066.32
Profit         $10,238.43
(Bul.13-14 Oct 90)

   A whole new roof has been put on the school building. The sacristy rain damage has been repaired and the room painted (Bul.10-11 Nov.90)

   Congratulation to Robert & Frances Purschke who will celebrate their 50th Anniversary at mass in St. Mary's Church at 2 pm this Sunday. (Bul.17-18 Nov.90)

   Front pews in church have been stabilized as much as possible and now can be leaned on as you kneel. Anyone ready to use these front pews? (Bul.8-9 Dec.90)


   We have eight pilgrims committed from the parish to go to the Pro-Life March in Washington, DC. (Bul.5/6 Jan 91)

   Part Time Job Anyone? The parish is seeking to hire a maintenance man. Our present good maintenance man, Mr. Ken Schmidt is retiring. If interested, please see the pastor about times and salary. (Bul.16/17 Feb.91)

   New Officers for the Altar Society are:
Mrs. Karen Brinkman - President
Mrs. Joan Knight - Vice-President
Mrs. Doris Otten - Treasurer
Mrs. Loyola Vondera - Secretary
Thanks to the past officers, Mrs. Agnes Brinkman, President and Mrs. Mary Grempczynski, vice-president. (Bul.20/21 April 91)

   Pastoral Home visits will start this week. (Bul.18/19 May 91)

   Fr. Anthony Talir formerly a pastor at St. Mary's and now a senior priest in residence at St. Peter's Parish in Kirkwood will be here for mass on Wednesday and Thursday next week. Welcome Father Talir. (Bul.8/9 June 91)

   Thanks to Fr. Ralph Powell for his inspirational mission sermon last Sunday and thanks to all of you who generouly donated $480 to the Dominican Missions. (Bul. 15/16 June 91)

   Pastor on Vacation from June 24 to July 8th. Monsignor Aloysius Marschner (presently retired formerly pastor at Neier) will have masses on the next two weekends. (Bul. 22/23 June 91)

   Next Sunday October 13, Golden Wedding Anniversary will be celebrated at 10 am mass for Cornelius and Regina Eagan with renewal vows after mass. (Bul. 1 Dec.91)

   Thanks to the Bell Mortuary in Pacific and the Oltmann Funeral Home in Union for the Parish calendars. (Bul. 28/29 Dec.91)


Pro Life News - There will be eleven of us going to Washington D.C. for the Pro-Life National March on Jan.22nd. (Bul. 4/5 Jan 92)

   St. Blase Blessing of Throats will be given next weekend after the masses. (Bul. 25/26 Jan 92)

   Treat for the altar boys will be on April 24 at Busch Stadium at 7:30 pm with the St. Louis Cardinals playing the Montreal Expos. (Bul. 15/16 Feb.92)

   Fr. Francis Matyas, former Pastor here, is celebrating his 50th Anniversary to the priesthood next Sunday, March 22nd at St. Thomas the Apostle church, 3500 St. Catherine Street, Florissant, MO at 2 pm. (Bul. 14/15 Mar.92)

   New parking lot surface was well received last weekend. (Chip & Seal) (Bul.9/10 May 92)

   On Sunday, June 28, Bishop Zipfel will preach the 8 am mass and both celebrate and preach at the 10 am mass on Sunday. (Bul. 6/7 June 92)

   RIP to Fr. Anthony Talir who served as Pastor some thirty years ago. He was buried Tuesday from St. Peters in Kirkwood. (Bul. 13/14 June 92)

   Pastor's vacation - the weekend masses will be celebrated by the once a year missionary father, Fr. Eugene Martens S.J. (Bul 27/28/ June 92)

   RIP to Sister Vitalis Linnemann C.P.P.S. who taught here at St. Mary's from 1963-1965. (Bul. 4/5 July 92)

   A communal penance service will be held at St. Mary's this Thursday at 7:30 pm. Father H. Creason from St. James will be here to help you. (Bul. 12/13 Dec.92)


   Birthright on Highway 44 in Eureka sends us a warm and hearty "Thank you" for our large parish donation to their cause. One hundred nineteen envelopes used and donation amount to $1,138.00 (Bul. 9/10 Jan.93)

   Twenty people from our parish are going to the National Pro Life March in Washington DC. Church furnace is about to retire. It has worked for at least thirty years. The serial number on it suggests that it was made in 1956. The Parish Board is working and planning a new church furnace. The present furnace is still working, but has a "death rattle" to it, so you might consider dressing a little warmer. (Bul. 16/17 Jan. 93)

   Annual Eucharistic Holy Hour will be held on Sunday March 14 from 4 to 5 P.M. Former pastors Father Joseph Lessard, Father Charles Ruff, Father Francis Matyas are being invited to come to this holy hour.  Everyone is invited and urged to participate. (Bul. 27-28 Feb. 93)

  The new furnace is installed. (Bul. 6-7 Mar. 93)

  Three of our P.S.R. students will make their first communion today at the 10:00 a.m. mass.  Congraulations to Sarah Brinkman, Michael Pingleton and Megan Schmitz. Thanks to their teacher, Mrs. Jacquelyn Schmidt. (Bul 27-28, Mar. 93)

  Latest parish improvements: New vinyl floor in school rest room, new kitchen flooring in rectory and road rock on picnic ground entrance. (Bul. 4 April 93)

  Our once a year live missionary will be here on July 10/11. Father Harry Korte, C.S.S.R. will make an appeal for the needs of the Redemptorist Missions in Brazil and Thailand.  Lightning hit the church and rectory on Monday, June 28th causing some damage. (Bul. 4 July 93)

  Help for the flood victims -- Next Sunday our parish will be participating in the Deanery wide effort to help the children in the flooded area of the diocese by gathering school supplies and bringing them to the church next Sunday (Bul. 15 Aug. 93)

  The confessional in back of church has been carpeted to make it more sound proof. (Bul 22 Aug. 93)

Picnic results:   Gross    $20,014.38
                       Expense  $9,921.35
                       Net       $10,093.03      (Bul. 5 Sept. 93)

State of the Parish report: 7-1-92 to 6-30-93 Expense $102,598.30  Income $109,675.81

Physical improvements included new boiler for school and new heating system in church. (Bul. 10 Oct. 93)

Handrails in front of church are now in place (Bul. 7 Nov. 93)

Preparations for 94 prayer march to Washington. Cost of bus ticket for parishioners $40.00 and $110.00 for non-parishioners.


  Pro Life Activities -- All 20 people from the parish are asked to meet at "Tri-County" on Thursday morning at 9:30.  Hopefully we shall return by 10 a.m. on Saturday morning.  (Bus trip to Washington D.C. for Pro Life March). (Bul. 6 Jan. 94)

  Annual choir dinner will be held on Feb. 13. Choir memebers should assemble on church grounds at 11 a.m. (Bul. 30 Jan. 94)

  Annual Eucharistic Holy Hour will be held today at 4 p.m. There will be communal prayers, sermon by Father Ira Bell, a very eloquent speaker from the Archdiocese. (Bul 6, Mar. 94)

  New archbishop, Justin Rigali, to be installed on March 15 at 7 p..m at the new cathedral. (Bul 3 Mar. 94)

  Archdiocesan Development Appeal -- 1994 Parish goal was $6,400.00. Amount given and pledged, $6,693.00. $293.00 over goal (Bul 15 May 94)

  Thanks to the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George, the workers, parents and children for involvement in the last two weeks of Bible School. (Bul. 25/26 Jun 94)

  Archbishop Rigali will celebrate mass at 2 p.m. Sunday at Saint Francis Borgia in recognition of the year of the family. (Bul. 2 Oct. 94)

  All parish meeting will be held on Oct. 16 after 10 a.m. mass. Elections will be held for two positions on the Parish Board. (Bul. 9 Oct. 94)

  Fiscal Report July 1, 1993 to June 30, 1994.
Income           $114,467.06
Expense          $109,467.93
Surplus              $4,999.11       (Bul. 16 Oct. 94)

Congratulations to new parish board members, Mrs. Judy Rollins and Mr. Dennis Brinkman (Bul. 30 Oct. 94)


  Thanks to Bell Mortuary in pacific and to the Oltmann Funeral Home in Union, Mo. for the 1995 calendars.  Their kindness is truly appreciated. (Bul 1 Jan. 95)

  Chili Supper planned for Saturday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. This will be a parish family non fundraiser get together. (Bul. 15 Jan. 95)

  Pro Life News -- The pilgrimage to the nation's capitol turned out well after a snowy trip through Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Bus did not arrive in "DC" until 10:30 a.m. on Monday.  Some of the St. Mary's pilgrims visited Congressman Volkmer and lobbied him on pro life activities (Bul. 29 Jan 95)

  History of parish was first published in the Sunday Bulletins by Father Ruff in the 1970's. It was again printed in the Bulletins starting 12 Feb. 95.

  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Kuchem celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this coming Saturday.  They were married in this church those 40 years ago. (Bul. 4 May 95)

  Steeple repairs have been completed. (bul 6 August 95)


  We had forty-eight pilgrim "Pro-Lifers" on our all night bus ride to Washington D.C. for Pro Life Rally. (Bul. 28 Jan. 96)

  No smoking is now the rule at our Parish Picnic Hall. (Bul. 25 Feb. 96)

  Six PSR students will make their first communion today at the 10 a.m. mass.  They are Nicholas Collins, Byron Davis, Andrew Hearst, Joshua Knott, Carla Stricker and Amy Serbus. (Bu. 24 Mar. 96)

  Your gift to God and the Parish last weekend was $1,128.00 with 97 envelopes used. (Bul 5 May 96)

  Archdiocesan Development appeal. St Mary's met its goal of $6.650.00, with a total pledge of $7,033.00 (Bul 26 May 96)

  Fr. Donald Berkbigler, C.M. will speak at all the masses this weekend for the Vincentian Mission (Bul. 7 July 96)

  Christmas Penance service will be held at St. Mary's Church on Thursday, December 10, at 7:30 p.m. Fr John Morse from St. Ignatius Parish and Fr. Hugh Creason from St. James Parish will be here. (Bul. 1 Dec. 96)


  Annual Choir dinner is today after the 10 a.m. mass at Altemuellers in Washington, Mo. (Bul 25 Jan 98)

  Annual Eucharistic Holy Hour will be held this year on March 8, Sunday afternoon from 4:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m. (Bul 1 Mar 98)

  Congratulations to our PSR students who will make their first communion at the 10:00 a.m. mass. They are Matthew Gellhaus, Matthew Meier, Caleb Knott, Jamie Overman and Beth McMullen. (Bu. 22 Mar 98)

  The church electronic bells are now in place and working and also paid for.  They intimately came to $3.430.00 which was "within budget". Enjoy them!  (Bul. 3 May 98)

  Archbishop Rigali, the pastor of the St. Louis Archdiocese, is coming to the parish today.  We welcome him. We honor him and thank him for his visit to us. St. Mary's Parish has written records back to 1881 and has been the heart of the community over these past one hundred years. (Bul 10 May 98)

  The highly successful "Flea Market" grossed $600.00 for the Ladies Altar Sodality and it was a fun time for all. The flea market was held June 6th. (Bul 14 June 98)

  RIP Cardinal Carberry, the Archbishop here in our archdiocese before Archbishops May and Rigali, has been called by God in Death. (Bul 21 June 98)

  The annual visit of the live missionary to our parish will be on July 4/5. We are happy to welcome Fr. Vasco Milani of the St. Francis Xavier Missionaries.  (Bul 28 June 98)

  Final picnic Report -- Dinners served 1,696.  (Bul 13 Sept. 98)

  Fr. Charles Ruff will be here at St. Mary's for the weekend masses next weekend. Father Schieber shall be away with three other priests in South Bend, Indiana to see the Notre Dame/Stanford football games and have a little time off. (Bu. 27 Sept 98)

  The church organ is now fully repaired.  The repair bill came to $2,000.00. Our parish is privileged to have such a fine pipe organ.  Its history is most interesting. IT was build in 1862 and bought for our present church in 1910. Since then there have been improvements and necessary repairs.  On this subject I think that gratitude should be paid to our parish organist, Jane Peirick, who has skillfully played it and cared for it. (Bul. 11 Sept. 98)


End of Chapter Vll

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