“I am filled with the joy of this Easter season to be able to once again reunite our faithful in the celebration of public Masses, centered around the Eucharist given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. I am grateful to our priests, deacons and all parish staffs for working closely with me and archdiocesan leadership to continue to guide parish communities in their faith journeys, while prudently following all protocols to keep God’s people safe and healthy.”


                                                                                    Archbishop Carlson

St. James and St. Mary of Perpetual Help Parish's will re-open

with the regular Mass schedule as of Tuesday May 19. 2020

with 8 a.m. Mass and Perpetual Help Devotions at St. James.

Tuesday's and Thursday's at St. James

Wednesday's and Friday's at St Mary's

Saturday Vigil Mass - for the 4th Sunday - 5 p.m. at St. Mary's 5/23/20

Sunday 5/24/20 

8 a.m. St. Mary's

10 a.m. St. James

Archbishop Robert Carlson has announced that parishes in the Archdiocese of St. Louis are permitted to begin resuming public Masses on Monday, May 18, at the discretion of each individual parish pastor. This decision, along with the accompanying policy and guidelines that will be provided to all parishes early next week, follows much work and consultation with the archdiocesan Presbyteral Council, the Missouri bishops and civil authorities. That collaboration will continue through May 18 and beyond, with decisions subject to change based on any new data provided by health officials.​


The decision for the resumption of public Masses to take place on Monday, May 18, was made in consideration of pastors and their parishes and the effort involved in ensuring all safety protocols are adopted before Sunday Masses take place. Additionally, the general dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation will remain in place for all Catholics of the archdiocese until further notice, as many individuals continue to have concerns for the health and safety of themselves and their loved ones.

Welcome Home!

Please check back again soon, Additional Information to be Released from the Archdioceses

Regarding the Protocols to re-open the Parishes. Will post when the requirements become available.  (Will up-date on Monday 5/11/20)

UPDATE: 5/13/20


Important safety measures will be required in order to help protect congregants from infection and slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

You’ll be asked to observe social distancing – staying at least six feet from people not in your household. You’ll find the holy water fonts are empty and that there is hand sanitizer available.

 Dispensation of the obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues until further notice.

 Parishioners who are symptomatic or who have been exposed to another with the virus should not come to church, in accordance with national, state and local health directives.

 Attendees should take their temperature at home( if you have any concerns ) before determining whether they should attend Mass.

 Anyone over 60 years-old and those with underlying health complications are encouraged to participate in Masses via live-stream only.

 The faithful may wear a mask during the celebration of Mass, except for the brief moment of receiving Communion.

 Distribution of Holy Communion from the chalice is prohibited to the assembly.



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